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More About Teri

Sometime, in my early formative years, I knew my life's purpose would be to help others on a deep level.  In order for me to fulfill this purpose my life required training in personal tragedy, loss, confusion, children, relationships, chaos, turmoil, alcohol, fear, friendship, trust, success and joy.  

For me, there is no better person to help an alcoholic than another alcoholic, to help a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence than a survivor, to help traverse career growth or entrepreneurship than one who has travelled before me.  I want an expert to show me the way, identify the landmines, and be my champion when I get stuck or afraid.

My life training has been blessed with all of these opportunities because I was born to help on a deep level.

Today I am a sober, well educated, successful professional who has exceeded in ways beyond anything I ever believed I could.  From homeless to a home-owner earning a six-figure income I now step into the glory of helping someone else to breath, to heal, to become all that the Universe has intended.


Born Perfect!


You want me to live life!?!


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